Bryan Lee

Product Development Process

A framework for the entire product management process to identify the best problem the product team can solve and subsequently the solution to help achieve the company's goals.

Initiative phase

What is the company's vision? What is the company's strategy? What is the product strategy?

Working backwards from the intended outcome, what can your product (or product domain) do to help your company achieve its goals?

Organisation vision

Starting from the highest level, understand the organisation's vision and what it is trying to accomplish. In small to mid sized companies, the organisation is likely the company. In bigger companies, the company vision may be too broad and not directly relevant. In this case, the organisation will be the product line or division.

Organisation’s strategic intents

Strategic intents are how the organisation intends to reach its vision. A vision can take years to achieve. Strategic intents are shorter term objectives set by the organisation to help reach this vision.

Gap analysis

Knowing what the vision and strategic intents are, we want to know:

  • What are the problems we can solve that help the organistaion achieve the strategic intents?
  • For these problems, where do we stand in relation to the ideal outcome?
  • What is the biggest problem that prevents us from reaching our goals?

Discovery phase

Explore problem

  • Validate the problem
  • Success metrics — How do we know we are getting closer to our goals?

Explore solution

Optimize solution

  • Measure success
    • How we will measure success
    • Tripwires
    • More relevant especially when developing features, trade-off metrics
  • Validate
    • Prototype
    • User testing

Delivery phase

  • Build
  • Go to market


A mish mash of: