Bryan Lee


Bryan Lee

Hello! I'm Bryan Lee, a product manager and developer based in Berlin. The intersection of software and business has always been my passion. I started building things on the web in 2005, before co-founding a bootstrapped business which remained my full-time venture for 10 years. I switched careers to specialize into software engineering, and then more recently into product.

This site is small part blog, bigger part digital garden. I take my inspiration from Tom Critchlow's Digital Garden. I share my perspectives in long-form through the blog, but most of my writings will be shorter notes of things that I learn or am interested in. I use this as a second brain to refer back to things, and you are free to go through them if you find them useful too.

Professional Experience

  • Jan 2020 - Present: Senior PM, Shopify
  • Jan 2018 - Dec 2019: Senior Developer, Shopify
  • Apr 2008 - Dec 2017: Co-founder, Snupped

    Snupped is an online marketplace where artists can sell their work as printed products.

Technical skills

Ruby, PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL

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